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by Jennifer King, PTA

Elkins Clinic

Do you spend the majority of your day working at a desk/computer? Do you have neck/back/shoulder/wrist pain following a long day at work? Desk ergonomics have a direct effect on your postural health and ability to avoid pain from poor postural positioning.

There are specific ways to set-up your desk to allow for improved posture and in turn less pain/fatigue following a day at work. There is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide available to help maintain neutral posture while at work. Take time to visit the Department of Labor site and pass this information on to a friend or coworker as well. This is a great tool for managers to use to allow for less time missed at work and improved productivity as your employees will be in less pain and more energized as a result of good desk posture!

At Elkins Physical Therapy Service we can help decrease or alleviate your pain from poor posture at your workstation. We can work together to improve your posture and overall pain/discomfort to allow for improved quality of life outside of work which we all strive to achieve!

Contact our office today to schedule and evaluation 304-636-2340 or at

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