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by Chris Davis, PTA

Continuous nagging injuries can be frustrating. These injuries cause chronic pain and decrease function causing everyday activities to be difficult. Astym is a regenerative physical therapy treatment that can help resolve these frustrating cases. Whether it be a degenerative tendinopathy/tendonitis, post-op/ post -injury scarring, recurrent sprains and strains, and many other related concerns. The Astym treatment and be highly effective for recovery.

Astym targets the underlying cause to these problems which is degermation and/or excessive fibrosis. Astym stimulates the involved tissue to regenerate and heal properly. It can be a great tool for chronic injuries such as pantar fasciitis, elbow tendonitis, and many others. It can help resolve scar tissue that can interfere with recovery after joint replacements, surgical procedures and other movement limiting treatments. Developed by physician and physical therapists this rehabilitation approach can be great help with your recovery.

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Elkins Physical Therapy Service offers Astym in the Belington and Elkins clinics by three 3 Astym-certified professionals. For more information or to schedule an evaluation contact us today.

Elkins Clinic: 304-636-2340 Astym Certified Clinicians: Christopher Davis PTA and Amy Mole PTA

Belington Clinic 304-823-1628 Astym Certified Clinician: Kelly Schoonover DPT

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