About Us
Elkins Physical Therapy Service is a private outpatient physical therapy company based in the  central highlands of West Virginia.  The coorporate office and main clinic are conveniently located in  Elkins, easily accessible from Corridor H along the Rt. 92 entrance to town.  Elkins Physical Therapy Service of Belington is located between Belington and Phillipi along Rt 250.   Elkins Physical Therapy Service of Valley Bend is located directly on Rt 250/92 South in Valley Bend.  Our clinics and our skilled team of physical therapy providers offer our communities advanced  physical therapy evaluation and interventions in a home grown friendly atmosphere.  We are equipped to treat a vast array of conditions and post surgical cases.  We happily coordinate care with any local or distant physician or other specialist.  We can also treat patients without physician referral.  

David Lee took a leap of faith and opened Elkins Physical Therapy Service in 1991, venturing onward as Elkins' first private, outpatient physical therapy operation. The first patients were treated by a staff of two in a small, but well appointed clinic.  After 25 years of patient care, several address changes and many new staff members, Elkins Physical Therapy Service carries on its original mission of excellent physical therapy service and strong values. The clinic's commitment to quality patient care and trustworthy, respectful interaction remain the foundation of the practice.

Elkins Physical Therapy Service is committed to ensuring each patient receives the best available care and treatment options needed for them to improve. Our clinics provide a wide variety of equipment and technical physical therapy services to reduce pain and improve mobility and function. The clinic team will assist you with returning to work, returning to play, and returning to life.   

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call or send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

               Belington                                          Elkins                                                                                 Parsons                                 Valley Bend

1035 Fraternal Cemetary Road        1620 Harrison Avenue                                                      215 Pennsylvania Avenue             5791 Seneca Trail

      Belington, WV 26250                     Elkins, WV 26241                                                              Parsons, WV 26287             Valley Bend, WV 26293

          P 304-823-1628                           P 304-636-2340                                                                  P 304-478-4611                        P 681-731-3700

          F 304-823-2785                           F 304-636-1583                                                                  F 304-478-4651                        F 681-731-3701

Elkins Physical Therapy Services, Inc.

PO Box 3 Elkins, WV 26241

P 304-636-2340

F 304-636-1583.