Belington                                                  Elkins                                             Valley Bend
                     Elkins Physical Therapy Service                   Elkins Physical Therapy Service               Elkins Physical Therapy Service
                   1035 Fraternal Cemetery Road                         1520 Harrison Avenue                          5791 Seneca Trail
                          Belington, WV 26250                                 Elkins, WV 26241                          Valley Bend, WV 26293          
               P 304-823-1628   F 304-823-2785          P 304-636-2340  F 304-636-1583        P  681-731-3700   F 681-731-3701
                                                                    Elkins Physical Therapy Service​, Inc.
                                                                                PO Box 3, Elkins, WV 26241      
                                                                   P 304-636-2340  F 304-636-1583  

Exceptional Care Close to Home


Now with 3 clinics conveniently located in Elkins, Belington, and Valley Bend, we proudly extend our physical therapy services to our communities of the Allegheny Highlands.  Patients from Phillipi, Belington, Millcreek, Valley Bend and their outerlying areas can now find advanced physical therapy care much closer to home.  Our standards of care remain common among our new providers and our facilities.  Come check us out!

Elkins Clinic  304-636-2340

Elkins Physical Therapy Service​
PO Box 3
Elkins, WV 26241
(1520 Harrison Avenue)
Phone: 304-636-2340
Fax: 304-636-1583

 Belington Clinic  304-823-1628

Elkins Physical Therapy Service​
1035 Fraternal Cemetery Road
Belington, WV 26250
Phone: 304-823-1628
Fax: 304-823-2785

 Valley Bend Clinic  681-731-3700

Elkins Physical Therapy Service​
9751 Seneca Trail
Valley Bend, WV 26293
Phone: 681-731-3700
Fax: 681-731-3701
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